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Welcome to the C8R DISTRO TABLE, a fully digital distribution hub for artists to sell their music--no hard copies, no hassle payment. While others payout every 3-4 months, C8R has a 45-day pay out system, and every digital contract is on an individual basis. Artists @ the C8R distro table music will be on C8R Radio in 24/7 constant rotation so that every artist gets a chance to be heard. C8R Artists that provide all materials that are 100% owned by them in the C8R agreement obtains 100% of there publishing of there music unless you have a signed agreement on C8R Record Label, Every C8R Artist @ the C8R Distro Table will not be promoted as a individual or group C8R will promote the website as One Unit from Network to Network so All C8R Distro Table Artist and C8R products get promoted As One C8R has No Sign up Fees Jus Pay Out!!!! C8R Distro Table is unlike other companies where you can pay load up your music and press Go but for Us We have a certain standard for music and artist hear at C8R your music must retain a certain level of Artistry and excellence we pride ourselves in giving our C8R listeners The best ministry, music ,books and clothing So all artist on C8R Distro Table will be integrated on a individual basis All C8R contracts are for (2) years Albums and Singles C8REPUBLIC will have full permission to promote and sale your products to All its Sponsors and Networks All C8R Artist at the Distro Table or Allowed to sale there music books on other platforms etc. Table is Is a HUB a simple and Easy Way to sale All your Digital downloads for Ministry Music and books With No Hassle You send in your material if its up to our standards we will contact you back sign you up do a digital contract enter you in the system from the Date we load up your music or book or Ministry is the Date you start to make Revenue every C8R Distro table artist will sale on a individual basis C8R do not guarantee any certain amount of sales C8R guarantees a platform opportunity to make revenue As we Grow you Grow COME MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME WITH US !!!! CAMP8REPUBLIC.COM

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