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Gospel Gangstaz is known for their unique combination of musical talent and Christian lifestyle, as evidenced in their songs. The group's founder, Mr. Solo became a Christian after he almost died in a gang-related shooting. In an interview Mr. Solo said of the Gospel Gangstaz:

"The Gospel Gangstaz stand in a position to help, because we have seen how the gospel of Christ is real. Our lives were changed from selling crack, drive-by shootings, car-jacking and illicit sex, to a life of peace, joy and happiness because of Christ. We want to go back to the hood and let our light shine."

In 1994, the group released their debut album, Gang Affiliated. In winter of 1996, the group's follow up, Do or Die was released. But their third album I Can See Clearly Now released in 1999 was their debut mainstream album, which garnered a Grammy nomination. Other releases include The Exodus (2002), The Flood (2006), Street Disciples (2011) and Defenders of the Faith (2016).


In July 2006, former group member Tik Tokk was arrested on murder charges for his alleged involvement in a Bibb County, GA shooting. Professionally, Mr. Solo and Chille' Baby gave Tik their blessing when he asked to leave the group back in 2004. When asked about the future of the Gangstaz, Mr. Solo said, 'We are moving on with our ministry with the vision God has given us...our heart still goes out to (Tik), as well as the families of the victims.'


 In May of 2020, Mr. Solo passed away, but his tremendous impact in the lives of countless people loudly reverberates 'til this day. Many within CHH circles have labeled him as the Gospel rap G.O.A.T., but Solo's influence and skill superseded most of the mainstream rap greats, cementing his status as one of the greatest to ever pick up a microphone. And what has he garnered in praise and respect for his abilities as an artist/songwriter/producer was only surpassed by his love for Yahweh, his passion for the streets and his hunger for truth. Prior to his transition, Solo connected with fellow veteran CHH artist Nuwine for a collaborative album called Problem Solved, which was officially released in June of 2020. It took one standout line in the album's first song to summarize Solo's aforementioned position in this rap game:

"I'm in the hood speaking truth to my neighbors/ half these emcees just fruits of my labor"

With Solo's ascension, the mantle and torch has been passed to Chille'Baby to carry out the vision the Most High gave he & Solo--that vision is CAMP 8. Inspired by the biblical account of Noah's ark where only eight people remained alive at the aftermath of God flooding the earth. That "8" is symbolic of the remnant that made it after the world was wiped clean, thus representing "new beginnings". CAMP 8 REPUBLIC is the continuation of that legacy.

Ride with us as we embark on this next leg of this journey together.

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